Friday, 5 April 2013

Friends forever?

The ultimate truth of life is that you are always alone. You may have parents, friends and every other relation that you can think of. But, in the end, it’s all down to you. Sometimes you may feel that your thoughts are unfathomable and no one can touch them, and sometimes, your thoughts are so vulnerable that even a person with a slightest guessing power will be able to muddle them. Human thinking will always be groovy and it is the one thing that will fascinate me forever.

We live around people, and we are used to this feeling of togetherness and intimacy in some way or the other.  And because of this reason, when someone close to you drifts apart, it always hurts. Your fingers won’t be enough if you want to count how many of your friends have drifted apart till now. The thing with people is that, they want to be noticed, that’s always there. We get this enigmatic pleasure when someone notices us and we are slaves for this pleasure. And when this pleasure loses its lustre, we drift apart. And the sad part is that, we never realize that we are drifting apart. It is not our fault though; it is one of the ethical defects of being manufactured as a human being.

One day, when you look back at your past, you will just accept the fact that you are now completely not friends with the person who was your once upon a time friend. And as the new friends come into your life from time to time, the loss of the old one will be balanced soon and people will just move on with their lives. But the problem is that, there are people who find it hard to find friends and they seek solace by dwelling in the past. This isn’t a good thing or a bad thing, it is just who that person is. Sometimes, people like solitude, they like to keep secrets. Even the best of the best friends have secrets. I’m the kind of person who likes solitude and I totally understand people who say that books are their best friends. People need an outlet and there are so many things in this world which can provide it. And when they get this outlet, they need friends with the same outlet as them which is too troublesome. My outlets are books and anime.

Do you remember the moment when you met your best friend or for the first time? You have no idea how important that person would be in the future. I strongly believe that childhood is the only time when you make a best friend. Don’t you think so? When you are a child, your conscience is purer than anyone and you will make a best friend just like it’s a natural thing. As a matter of fact, it is a natural thing. After a few years, your conscience will be filled with the evils of this world and your thoughts will change accordingly. You will start having secrets; you will start telling lies to your friends, parents and everyone. This world will attract you with its things and people who share the same attraction, club together and they become friends. This is described as the teenage phase by the psychologists. The friends that you make when you are in your teens can leave a profound impact on you as both your heart and brain intake much amount of vibes than usual. And when that friend leaves suddenly, no matter what the reason is,  it will damage you from the inside and you will not be the same person anymore. It will take time for you to get back into your original state again and in this recovery time, you will feel nostalgic about your old school and your old friends as things bounce back into your brain. Everyone will go through this phase for once in their life time. Sometimes they realize and sometimes, they don't.

The realization phase is the final phase. After this phase, the friends that you meet are the ones who are given to you by the society. You will judge people, but you will not care so much about your judgement as you have this feeling in your heart that you might have judged them in a wrong way. You will be on a take it easily policy mood most of the time and you will start diverting your mind towards the things that you like. When you are an adult, you will have a family and that will occupy most of your mind, but once in a while, you would like to go back to your old college, old school and the places that you used to hangout. The prospect of a get-together will bring a spark in your eye, and things that are associated with your memories will remind you of them. Friends are the best gifts that you can get in your life. As we people are imperfect, and as our desire sometimes overtakes the importance that we give to our friends, we usually fail to last as friends forever. But if you and your best friend understand that everyone has a life apart from friendship and love, then no one can break you people apart. Anyone on your mind now? 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Being happy is the most difficult thing to do, right? I mean, just think about it. Are you truly happy right now? If yes, then you must consider yourself as a lucky person.  If no, then don’t be upset, I am with you. The essence of happiness comes to you when you are truly satisfied with what you have, and when you make everything around you cheerful. I read this on someone’s about me section on Facebook a long time ago and I saved it as I really liked it, this is what that person wrote.  “Take me back to the start, and let me grow into life again. This isn’t working for me.” Too bad that I forgot who that person is, and too bad that I don’t have time to check all the ‘about me’ sections of my huge friend list on Facebook. Anyway, I would like to thank that person, whoever it is, from the bottom of my heart. It really changed the way I see things. So after reading what that person wrote, I felt that the sentence is made for me and I went into the sage-thinking state of mine and I found some answers. First of all, I took that sentence literally and I went back to the start, I changed my current hobbies into my old ones and started a new life all over again, I turned myself into a kid again, a kid at heart. I started looking at the world in a different way, and now, I can say that I am truly happy and content.

“Early to bed and early to rise, keeps a man wealthy and wise.” That’s really true and it will make you happy. Good habits are something that you should develop in order to keep yourself happy. Reading a good book once in a while, helping people, and keeping in touch with your good friends, cooking, long walks, and many other simple things can really make you feel good. Happiness is in the simplest of things and you just have to see it, appreciate what you have and work hard for what to want, but don’t expect anything (bad or good). Don’t pour too much of your emotion on anyone until you are sure about everything. Follow your heart but listen to what others have got to say. Respect people for what they are and talk to the people who give you positive vibes. Too much ego, envy, and jealousy will only lead to your destruction and it’s a sincere wastage of time. Spend some time in the nature and have some fun and adventure. It is okay to take risks and loosen yourself sometimes, at the end of the day; you will have a good feeling about it.

Don’t listen to the people, who always talk badly about their peers, they don’t have a life. Spend some time with little children and talk to them; they are the ones in this world who have real feelings. Talking to them is a positive influence. Be open and free, talk to your parents about everything in your life, and let them know you better. Smile a lot, as much as you can. Even if you are in a bad situation, never let go of the spark in you. Just confront it what all you have and seek help from your friends, share your happiness with the people who mean a lot to you. Don’t worry about the things that you alone can’t change, if you are already happy and doing good things, you are actually changing this world into a better place to live in. Never care too much about money, it is a temporary problem, and so are many problems in your life. Remember that you are not the only one in this world who has problems, there are many people like you and there are many people whose magnitude of the problem is much greater than yours. So just face it, that’s life. No one has got the instructions or the manual, life always teaches us lessons and we will have to learn them in a phase called living, you have got to live and you have got to be happy.  

Don’t interfere in something unless you have a full knowledge of what is going on. Dream as much as you can but don’t forget to fulfill them. Spare some time to watch the dawn and the dusk; those are some wonderful moments that you would never like to miss. Always have a clear mind and a good heart, being angry on someone is a waste of time and it is just plain bad for you, and convincing someone for something even if they don’t like to do it is like snatching someone’s happiness, so never do that. Look at the stars once in a while and I am sure that you will notice a smile on your face when you do that. If you have holidays, go and have a look at the rural life and live with them for some time, do whatever you can do to them and educate people. After doing that, you will understand the importance of a glass of pure water, a one rupee coin, and the food that you eat. And then, you will start appreciating what you have and you will be happy and thankful.  Everyone finds their own way to be happy and the concept of being happy will vary from person to person, so if someone is not happy about how you are, it’s their problem, not yours.  Never think too much about the negative side of your life, always try to look at the positive. Sing, dance, write, read and do whatever you can, try everything, life is too short. Don’t let your uniqueness die because of people’s expectations. Do what you like and what you think is right.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Just my opinion

So we all know that something happened in the capital of our country on the Sunday evening which is so sad that it caused uproar in India, I don’t need to describe it, and we all know it. Yes, I am talking about the Delhi rape issue. We are protesting for a reason, we are protesting because women are feeling insecure in this country. Well, if that is the case, we should be protesting every day, don’t you think so? This Delhi rape issue has caused uproar in India as people took a notice of it and the amount of violence that had been employed in the rape. Now imagine, there are thousands of rape cases in this country and at least one rape takes place every day. What about them? We should be protesting every day? No, that’s not an answer to our problem. In this country, not all, but most of the policemen take bribe from the culprits and there is no justice done to the innocent. The poor people in the villages and the uneducated people are actually selling their own daughters; this is the fate of our country? We all are at blame; we have failed to build a secure country.  And now that something that is so cruel has happened, we raised our voices and asked for brutal punishment, some even opted for castration. I’m all okay with it, but there is nothing that can be killed with violence, I understand your idea of instilling fear into the brains of those who have these kinds of sinister ideas, but it’s not just right and it is not the right solution, we just need to give them a punishment which can actually bring a change in their evil hearts and that which can give a message to people.  Yes, a change, a change is what we need, a change in our thinking.  Actually most of the people don’t care about this issue; they act as if they do.  All they do is change their display pic of Facebook which they feel will reflect their inner feelings. And a few days later, everything will be forgotten. Same with the rally, people are like; they will force their friends to come to the rally, it’s like they need to more support, that’s just human nature, and there is nothing wrong with that. Our culture says that we should respect the woman; every human being deserves to be respected. It is not just our culture, it is humanity. We need to respect everyone. In India, the story is a bit different. Actually, people don’t know what they want. The problem is in the roots, there is just one solution in this kind of situation. And that is, You must remember that not all the men in India are not like that assholes and you must never generalize a race or a country depending upon the actions of a few. I have seen a few women saying that they are ashamed of India and even hating, seriously? That’s the most ridiculous thing to say.  India is you! India is all of us! Just because an asshole has popped out of us, it does not mean that we should hate ourselves. Just like we kill a disease that sits in our body by a medicine, we need to kill the evil thoughts by instilling a vaccine in our body which works for the next generation too. We should be good parents and raise our kinds to respect women and teach them all the good stuff; we will have to take care of it. We will have to do it. We cannot say that someone will not turn out to be bad. Evil will make its appearance from time to time and we will have to stop it from time to time. That’s how this world is.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My favourite place in Vizag!

To begin with, I like travelling, It’s the one thing that always takes you by surprise and your heart is always filled with full of excitement when you are about to travel somewhere. Vizag is a kind of city which you would never get bored of. I know that everyone would say that same thing about their hometown. Well, that’s what we are like, we like our place more than anything. We always love the place called home. I am not talking about where you live. I am talking about where you belong. The place where you belong and the place where you can find love, that’s called home.  Ask anyone who lives in Vizag about their favourite place and you will find that most of the people say that it’s the beach or the Kailasagiri. Well, if I had fallen in love in my teenage, I would have given the same answer to you.

The beautiful Araku Valley.

I like the beach and the Kailasagiri as much as everyone does, but those places don’t hold any importance for me and that’s the reason they aren’t my favourite. My favourite place in Vizag is the ‘South Simhachalam’ railway station; the name itself makes you feel dizzy, right? Whenever I feel lonely, I go to that place and I sit on the bench which is under dim light of the railway station and I drink a cup of coffee or tea. Many memories are attached to that place and I feel that they greet me whenever I go there. It’s the place where I can connect with my old self and talk to him about how life has changed so much and how the things I ‘want to’ do changed to the things I ‘have to’ do.  

I usually go to that place at night time and there is this Kirandul passenger which runs every day and is usually filled with bustling crowd until the Araku valley and gets deserted after that. Most of the school and college students from different places come to see the beautiful Araku valley. It is indeed beautiful, I feel ecstatic whenever I see these students with high spirits. The train usually returns from Kirandul and halts at this station at around 8 pm every day, and it’s in the times like this that I can see myself in a little boy or a high school student and I wonder why can’t I go back to my old self and enjoy my life like before., then again, I come to my senses. The railway station is not like what you imagine. It’s not big; it’s just a simple station with 2 platforms. One can enjoy every live flavour of India in a railway station; maybe that’s the reason I like it the most. You can see people moving to different destinations, you can witness how people work hard to earn their daily bread; the atmosphere in a railway station is totally different from anything else, right? It has the positive and the negative vibes and both are good for you. I visited to that railway station 3 months ago, that day was formidable and I think that I am truly affiliated to that place. I am looking forward to travel somewhere this time and I hope that I will at least have one friend who can accompany me. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Grandmother is a teenager.

When you read the post title, you might have wondered like ‘eh? How can his Grandma be a teenager?’ well, it’s true. My Grandma is a teenager and she is the world’s best grandma, when I said Grandma, I am just implying on the fact that although she is a teenager, her heart is much more like an old person with abundant wisdom. I love talking to her, I feel that she is the one who understands me so much and we always have nice debates, believe me, she is a formidable opponent. I am an Atheist and she is a theist, what a wonderful combination! So this difference in our thoughts made us to talk a lot on religious issues, people, what not! Everything! I am in a completely different world when I talk to her. At first, our talks were like arguments, but later on, we accepted each other and came to this thin line of conclusion. Well, I am like 6 years older than her and she calls me Anna (bro) sometimes and grandson sometimes and I don’t know what I am in them. When I talk to her, I feel that words just come automatically. Sometimes, I don’t even think about what I am saying, but it always makes sense when I talk to her. It’s been a while that we have been talking to each other, but I feel that every new convo brings refreshment and joy. I don’t want to state her name or age here as I think that she wouldn’t like the idea. Anyway, that’s my grandma and I adore her!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Yamaha nagari Calcutta puri... English(raw translation)

yamaha nagari kalakatta puri
Kolkata is an awesome city

yamaha nagari kalakatta puri
Kolkata is an awesome city

namaho hugili howrah waaradhi
hats off to the hoogly river and the howrah bridge

yamaha nagari kalakatta puri
Kolkata is an awesome city

chiru thyaga raju nee
kruthine palikenu mari

Even the great poet Tyagaraja described about you(Kolkata)  x3

yamaha nagari kalakatta puri
namaho hugili howrah waaradhi

Kolkata is an awesome city
hats off to the hoogly river and the howrah bridge

netaji putina chota
The place where Subhas chandra bose  was born...

geetanjali poosina chota
The place where Geetanjali blossomed

paadana teluguloo
Shall I sing in that place in my language(telugu)?

aa hamsa paadina paate
The sayings of Ramakrishna paramahamsa..

aa nandhudu chupina baata
And the path that vivekananda left for us..

Shall I follow it?

padhuguru parugu teesindi patnam
A group of people started, and with that, the whole city started to run...

brathukutho veyyi pandem
Challenging every offset of life and putting it on bet..

kadaku cheraali gamyam kadali poraa
You will have to reach your destination, so start right now..

okaritho okariki mukhaparicheyamulu
dhorakani kshnamula
busy busy brathukula
gaji biji urukula parugulalo

The city where we don't get time for any salutations,
The city which is always busy with people running to reach their goals..
That city is called Kolkata.

bengali kokila bala
The Koyal of Bengal..

teluginti kodalu pilla
And the 'daughter in law' of Andhra pradesh, that’s our..

maalini sarojini
beautiful Sarojini naidu..

rojantha suryudu kindha
The whole day in the scorching heat of the sun
raathrantha rajini kandha
And the entire night in the warmth of ‘Rajanikandha..’
Let it happen..

padhuguru prema leleni lokam
The city so busy that there is hardly any time to love...

devathamaarku maikam
The city with the essence of Devdas..

sharannavalabhishekam telusukora
The city which showers its refuge with wealth...that is Kolkata...remember my mate!

kadhalaku nelavata
She is the epitome of stories..

kalalaku koluvata
The keeper of arts...

thidulaku selavata
The festive mood of India..with holidays for every little festival..

athidula godavata
And the city with bustling relatives..

kalakata nagarapu kita kita lo
Oh boy, listen to the tales of Kolkata..

vandematharame anna vangaa
bhuthalame minna
The place where the Vanga kingdom existed and the place where vandermataram was born..

jathike geethiraa
Look at how that Vandemataram is our national anthem now..

maathangi kaali nilaya
The place where the Kali maa resides..

chowrangi rangula duniya neediraa
And where the colorful world of the Chowrangi lane’s just yours...

vinuguru sathyajithre sithara
Listen to me my mate, this city has got Satya Jit ray...

sd burman ki dhara
The place of S.D burman..

Teresa ki kumara kadali rara
Oh dear son of Mother teresa..Kolkata is shining, now its your turn...

janagana manamula swarapada vanamula
The tune of Janagana mana..

hrudhayapu layalanu
When that tune reaches our heart's deepest layers..

shruthi parachina priya
suka pika muka suka ravalulatho
And touches it’s perfect pitch...enjoy that wonderful feeling my dear...enjoy it..

Sunday, 2 December 2012

How to study for your examinations.

Thanks to the internet and the technology, today’s younger generation is finding it difficult to position their butt in a place and study for a while. Well, everyone has his/her own interest and stuff, but the advent of Facebook and the other social networking sites has changed the phase of this world up to a noticeable extent. As you can already see, students are the ones who are getting affected because of this massive internet communication and some of them don’t even realize it. It is okay if you spend much time on the internet, but you should make sure that you fulfil your duties as a student first, so that people won’t find anything negative in your way of life. 

Everything in this world has yin and yang; you have to balance your life as you are the one who is left with a choice. For a student, time management is the most important thing and as an engineering student who is in his final year, I know the difficulties faced by many of my kind. Well, the difficulties that we face here are micro when compared to the difficulties which many others in this world face, but still, the margin of a problem is only understood by the one who is facing it, so yeah, I’m just one of you. There are five things that you need to remember in order to create more space in your student life and to maintain that balance in between fun and education, well, for the people who think that education is fun, they don’t need to remember these five things that I’m about say as they’ve already transcended us.  So, regardless of what you’ve done in your past, if you will follow these five things, you will succeed. What I’m about to say aren’t anything new, they are just plain old and are needed to be followed at least 10 days prior to the examinations.

1.     Never look at the time when you study for your examinations. I know that you will laugh at me for saying this, but believe me, it works. Looking at the time just causes more tension as it confuses our mind by saying that ‘Hey dude, you’ve just got 2 hours to study.’ And you will lose half of your concentration. Instead, just fix your mind on a topic and say to yourself that you won’t get up until you finish with it and that you won’t even look at the time. After completing the topic that you’ve chosen, just look at the time. I’m damn sure that you will be like ‘Wow, I’ve completed this one so early.’ What’s happening here is, when you study by looking at the time, one part of your mind calculates the time and that makes you lose your concentration, but when you study without looking at the time, it won’t happen.

2.     You must have heard this from many people, ‘Study in the early morning.’ It’s true, the reason is when you wake up at 4:00 am or so, everything around you will be dead silent and you will be able to concentrate much better, and also, it is my opinion that 4 am to 8 am is the best time to read. I have completed my entire syllabus of a particular subject just in that morning time; moreover, it will make you feel good. After studying for 4 hours and by utilizing your time, you will be left with an entire day, just think about it. You can then study by enjoying in the intervals for the whole day without much pressure on you.

3.     Take a book and pen down the important stuff that you come across when you study; this book will be really important to you. You are the author of it, you can write it in your own style and according to your own standard. It’s like a self explanatory thing. This book will come handy when you need to revise, you don’t have to study the whole text book again. Going through the points that you have written will be enough for you, and also, it will be imprinted in your mind for a long time than just a plain reading.

4.     You shouldn’t study in the evening time from 5 pm to 7 pm. It is the time which you usually enjoy a lot during your normal days, I mean, the days when you have no exams coming up and you’ve got nothing to do. Your brain actually got habituated to this enjoying routine of yours and it will take time to tune itself. Moreover, it is the time that should be enjoyed. So just let it be. Never study from 5 pm to 7 pm.

5.     Your sleeping time should be from 10 pm to 4 am. The best sleeping time. Well, in this case, some people can be excused as they are more habituated to stay late until night and going to bed suddenly at 10 pm is just too troublesome. My advice for the people who can’t sleep early is, just revise the stuff which you have studied in the day. In fact, if you are the kind of guy like me who studies only when the exams are coming up, then don’t worry about sleep. I’m sure that you will be sleepy by 10 pm. Believe me. An afternoon nap of around 1 hour is necessary too. Sleep from 2 pm to 3 pm.  I’m not an expert in this but you can surely try it. We have tried many weird things, why don’t we try one another? I’m sure that if you are a normal student, this schedule will entirely work for you. And one more thing, if you think that you can handle group studies, you can try that too. I have never tried it myself, but I think that it works if you have self control.